Dr. Diana representing Bangladesh in “Face of Beauty International” 2024.

Dr. Diana representing Bangladesh in “Face of Beauty International” 2024.

Dr. Diana Afrin representing Bangladesh in “Face of Beauty International” 2024. She participated in “Miss Face of Beauty Bangladesh”. Miss Bangladesh Organization announced her as their Queen of “Miss Face of Beauty Bangladesh 2024”. She will participate in the International Pageant Competition from Bangladesh. Best Wishes Diana from Time Trend Magazine.

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Runner-Up winners of Miss Face of Beauty Bangladesh:

  • 1st Runner-Up: Rubaiyat Chowdhury
  • 2nd Runner-Up: Jeba Yasmin
  • 3rd Runner-Up: Vasha Jahangir
  • 4th Runner-Up: (Tied): Mahbuba Rahman and Sadika Aziz


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Diana Afrin was spotted among the Top 10 participants of Miss Face of Beauty Bangladesh 2024. Also, she won the “Best in National Costume” Award and “Best in Interview” Award in the “Special Award” category.

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Other winners in the “Special Award” category:

  • Best in Catwalk: Mahbuba Labonno
  • Best Advocacy Project: Jeba Yasmin
  • Women Empowerment Award: Anika Tabassum
  • Miss Photogenic: Rashna Islam
  • Best Q&A: Jeba Yasmin and Rubaiyat Chowdhury


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Diana told Time Trend Magazine, “All my life, I have only cheered for others, did not dare, for myself. I’m still trying to process everything. Participating in Face of Beauty Bangladesh ( Miss Bangladesh Organization ) has been an incredible decision for me. Soon, I’ll represent Bangladesh in Face of Beauty International in Taiwan this May. Your love and prayers would mean the world to me as I embark on this journey. I’m grateful to my national director, Hiam Amani Hafizuddin , whom I deeply respect and admire. Her guidance not only shaped me but also empowered all contestants to share our hearts without fear. To all my fellow contestants, the runners-up, who’ve journeyed with me, I genuinely care about your causes. Feel free to stay connected with me as being part of a sisterhood that shares my values is why I embraced pageantry.”

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All the participants showcased Remarkable Spirit and Determination, Demonstrating their Genuine Heart for serving Bangladesh, throughout the entire Pageant season. This journey was made even more special by the presence of past Queens Tifa, Aneesa, and Sumaira, along with their National Director and Founder Hiam Hafizuddin. Together, they Enhanced and Evolved the participants in every aspect. Every participant was judged by Jantzen, Mahum, Doyin and Tifa.

Miss Bangladesh Organization said, “Not only does she have the most beautiful heart, but the way in she communicates and expresses herself are these qualities that make Diana the true embodiment of a queen. Show some love to our newest queen Dr. Diana, Miss Bangladesh 2024 and follow her page to support her in her journey to the Face of Beauty International crown.”

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Dr. Diana representing Bangladesh in “Face of Beauty International” 2024.
Dr. Diana representing Bangladesh in “Face of Beauty International” 2024.

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Miss Face of Beauty Bangladesh is the national Beauty Pageant of Miss Face of Beauty International. This is organized by the “Miss Bangladesh Organization” from Bangladesh. They’re the premier pageant management and talent agency for Bangladeshi women, representing the nation in global pageants like Miss Grand International and Miss Asia Pacific Intl.

As Reported by Md. Rahat Islam; Sourced by Time Trend Magazine & Sourced from “Miss Bangladesh Organization“.

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