Meet Opshora Ali, most Sexiest Actress in Bangladesh.

Opshora Ali

Opshora Ali is the sexiest female Actress in Bangladesh. She works in both Bangladesh & Canada as an Actress and Model. Also, she is a Social Media Influencer and has 304.3k followers in total. She began her work at the age of 16 and professionally start working in 2012. She made her debut in the […]

Raj Ripa Bangladeshi Actress is sick.

Raj Ripa is a newcomer to Dhakai Movies. She is one of the newcomers of the present time. She is currently on bed rest because of her illness. Last Thursday, 5th May 2022, she was suddenly drenched in rain. Tonsils were caught after a medical test on the advice of a doctor. She is currently […]

Nahiyan Ayan’s Eid Drama and Web Fiction.

At the present time, the incomparable performances of child artists on the small screen bring life back. From the beginning of Movies, Telefilms and Dramas, child artists have been wandering. However, over time, the presence of child artists on the small screen is noticeable. One such child artist is Nahiyan Ayan. 7-year-old Ayan has established […]

Who is Evan Sair?

Evan Sair is a well-known name in the entertainment world of the country for his clear accent, eloquence, excellent personality, amiable demeanor, great height and sharp acting skills. Although started as a radio jockey, he is a professional presenter and now a full-fledged actor. He was addicted to acting since childhood. In the midst of […]

Eid special drama package played by Evan Sair.

Popular actor of this time Evan Sair, not just in Acting, RJ and the Presenter have made themselves quite popular with the audience. The Actor is currently seen performing on various platforms, including the small screen. He has already been acclaimed through several dramas and short films. Although he has spent a lot of his […]

Eid special drama Satri Jokhon Bow played by Siam Mridha and Shaila Sathy.

Siam Mridha and Shaila Sathy are popular actors of the young generation of this time. These two young actors are coming together for the first time in this Eid. They will be seen in a play drama titled “Student When Wife / Satri Jokhon Bow” which ended recently. Sources said that the drama will be […]