Selected contestants of Miss Grand International 2021.

Miss Grand International was selected as their top sixty-one contestants for the Beauty Pageant Competition 2021. 61 countries have participated this year. All pageant competitions are held in Phuket Island, Thailand and the final competition will be held on 4th December in Bangkok, Thailand.

Miss Grand International (MGI) has now become the world’s leading international beauty pageant. Under the corporation and sponsorship from governments and organizations that will make a stand for the betterment of humanity.

The year 2021 marks the 9th anniversary of the “MISS GRAND INTERNATIONAL” Pageant. Participants are:

  • Miss Grand Mexico 2021, Mariana Macias.
  • Miss Grand Vietnam 2021, Nguyễn Thúc Thuỳ Tiên.
  • Miss Grand Netherlands 2021, Nathalie Yasmin Mogbelzada.
  • Miss Grand South Africa 2021, Jeané Van Dam.
  • Miss Grand Myanmar 2021, Amara Shune Lei.
  • Miss Grand Guatemala 2021, María José Sazo.
  • Miss Grand Nicaragua 2021, Epifanía Jacabed Solís.
  • Miss Grand Brazil 2021, Lorena Rodrigues.
  • Miss Grand France 2021, Elodie Sirulnick.
  • Miss Grand Spain 2021, Alba Dunkerbeck.


  • Miss Grand Indonesia 2021, Sophia Rogan.
  • Miss Grand Bolivia 2021, Eloísa Gutiérrez.
  • Miss Grand Malaysia 2021, Lishalliny Kanaran.
  • Miss Grand Ecuador 2021, Andrea Aguilera.
  • Miss Grand Italy 2021, Marika Nardozi.
  • Miss Grand Puerto Rico 2021, Vivianie Diaz-Arroyo.
  • Miss Grand Pakistan 2021, Ramina Ashfaque.
  • Miss Grand Liberia 2021, Hajamaya Mulbah.
  • Miss Grand Paraguay 2021, Jimena Sosa.
  • Miss Grand Mauritius 2021, Naomi Buan.


  • Miss Grand Venezuela 2021, Vanessa Coello Coraspe.
  • Miss Grand Chile 2021, Vanessa Echeverría.
  • Miss Grand Nigeria 2021, Patience Chenema Christopher.
  • Miss Grand Angola 2021, Márcia Marilia Agostinho de Menezes.
  • Miss Grand Belgium 2021, Zomkey Tenzin.
  • Miss Grand Egypt 2021, Shahy Hamdy.
  • Miss Grand Curacao 2021, Kimberly Fernandes.
  • Miss Grand Czech Republic 2021, Barbora Aglerová.
  • Miss Grand Costa Rica 2021, Adriana Moya.
  • Miss Grand Dominican Republic 2021, Stephanie Medina.

  • Miss Grand El Salvador 2021, Iris Yasminhe Guerra.
  • Miss Grand Canada 2021, Olga Bykadorova.
  • Miss Grand Sweden 2021, Jennie Frondell.
  • Miss Grand Philippines 2021, Samantha Alexandra Panlilio.
  • Miss Grand Japan 2021, Chika Mizuno.
  • Miss Grand Nepal 2021, Ronali Amatya.
  • Miss Grand India 2021, Manika Sheokand.
  • Miss Grand Germany 2021, Luisa Victoria Malz.
  • Miss Grand Panama 2021, Katie Nairobi Caicedo.
  • Miss Grand Cuba 2021, Geysel Vaillant.


  • Miss Grand Honduras 2021, Celia Monterrosa.
  • Miss Grand Portugal 2021, Ana Laura Ferreira.
  • Miss Grand Cambodia 2021, Sothida Pokimtheng.
  • Miss Grand Laos 2021, Daomixay Phachansitti.
  • Miss Grand Argentina 2021, Florencia Melanie De Palo.
  • Miss Grand Australia 2021, Angolina Amores.
  • Miss Grand Siberia 2021, Kristina Shenknekht.
  • Miss Grand Armenia 2021, Kristina Goharik Ayanian.
  • Miss Grand Bangladesh 2021, Marjana Chowdhury.
  • Miss Grand United States of America 2021, Madison Lynn Callaghan.

  • Miss Grand Peru 2021, Samantha Batallanos Cortegana.
  • Miss Grand Korea 2021, Lee Ji-ho.
  • Miss Grand Russia 2021, Alesia Semerenko.
  • Miss Grand Haiti 2021, Lynn Rubiane St-Germain.
  • Miss Grand Hong Kong 2021, Sen Yang
  • Miss Grand China 2021, Shelley Wei.
  • Miss Grand Albania 2021, Hygerta Hidri.
  • Miss Grand Northern Ireland 2021, Shannon McCullagh.
  • Miss Grand Colombia 2021, Mariana Jaramillo Cordoba.
  • Miss Grand Thailand 2021, Indy Johnson.
  • Miss Grand Sri Lanka 2021, Anna-Marie Ondaatje .


The MISS GRAND INTERNATIONAL Pageant is one of the most prestigious events of its kind and millions of people from around the world will be watching the final competition. You are going to have a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Be assured that we will do everything possible to make your participation in the pageant the most rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Miss Grand International 2021 Schedule:

The final night of the competition in which the delegates with the highest scores from the interview, activities, and preliminary competitions to be judged in advance (top 20 semi-finalists) and the delegates will be chosen to top 10 finalists and top 5 finalists respectively, and the new Miss Grand International is chosen according to rules and procedures determined by the Miss Grand International Organization in its sole discretion.

During the telecast, the following special awards (cash and trophy awarded) will be given out according to rules and procedures determined by the Miss Grand International Organization.

  • Best National Costume.
  • Best in Swimsuit.
  • Best in Evening Gown.
  • Best Social Media.
  • Miss Popular Vote Award.


Sponsors of Miss Grand International 2021.

Reported by Time Trend Magazine; Content & Image Source: Miss Grand International.

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