Glamour featured New Sexy Ana Espinola on their digital cover.

New Sexy Ana Espinola.

Glamour Magazine featured New Sexy Ana Espinola on their digital cover, also they took interviews of Ana. They ask her several questions about her profession. Ana gives all answers to their questions very nicely. She told them honestly about her.

Ana Espinola Barreto is an athlete, playmate, fashion model, and entrepreneur from Asuncion, Paraguay, with years of experience in various industries. She comes from a family of doctors, which fed her interest in nutrition and fitness, for which she is a reference today. She is well known in the world by the name Ana Espinola.

Glamour’s interview with Ana Espinola.

How did Anna Espinola start?

I started my modeling career as a statistician in comedy shows. We usually started at 6 o’clock in the morning. I was always on time and I impressed the directors with responsibility. Then I became a presenter and then I started a radio show. I was happy to connect with the audience, we have calls from people who tell us about their personal lives and love problems and seek advice. I realized how many lonely people stay in a relationship just because they accept the love, they think they deserve.

Is there anyone/something that has influenced your fashion career?

I am a big fan of Coco Chanel; she and my mother inspired me to be elegant. Most girls think that showing too much is the right way to get attention, but no, the right way is to always leave something to the imagination, your personality should speak louder than your clothes.

You are an amazing athlete. Tell us more about your fitness career?

I started doing fitness when I was depressed, so that was my way of escaping reality because when I was training, I didn’t think about anything else. Jose Leille, my coach approached me and asked me, “Why aren’t you competing?” He transformed my body in 6 weeks. I ranked first in Mexico.

Then I participated in the championship in Florida, which I won. My biggest championship so far is Olympia Brazil. When I had to go on stage with more than 300 athletes, I was nervous, I felt kind of confused because I didn’t speak Portuguese fluently. My little sister, Ruth Espinola, held my hand and told me, “You are already a winner just because you are here. Go on stage and show what you can do. I cried a lot behind the scenes, I was so worried that they would evaluate my body and over 5,000 people would watch. Then the other girls advised me to calm down so as not to spoil my makeup. I finished in fourth place. It was a dream come true. After being so harassed about my body, I was happy. I dedicated this award to my mother. She always read The Little Prince to me before bed. My favorite quote from “the best can only be seen with the heart. The most important thing is invisible to the eyes “, so she always complimented me and told me that the most important thing is my heart.

What is the most memorable event you have participated in?

As I said, Olympia Brazil changed my life and gave me the self-confidence I needed to show my body and myself to the world. Now I have enough strength to ignore bad comments. I used to be “too fat,” then “too thin,” now “she looks like a man.” I started analyzing everyone who commented, and most spoke out of their own insecurity. So, I don’t pay attention anymore.

What is the most important thing you have learned in the fashion and fitness industry?

As an athlete and model, you should always follow your passion, never give up and keep fighting for your dreams until you achieve them.

Your advice for young girls who want to enter the fashion industry?

Never think you’re not good enough, most girls see cover models and say to themselves, “She’s too pretty,” “I’m not tall enough,” and so on. Now the fashion industry is open to everyone: tattoo models, XL models, small models, so never think you won’t fit. Because there is a brand that is looking for someone just like you. Don’t compare yourself to others because you are unique.

If you could say something to your younger self, what would it be?

Don’t take anything personally. Many times, you think that the problem is in you when often it is somewhere else.

Do you make questions and answers online for your fans?

I talk to all my fans at Ana Eespinola Club, I do not reply to personal messages, as most profiles are fake or just strange people. I prefer to talk to someone who really supports me.

Glamour Magazine asked her more questions about her. They did a photoshoot of Ana for the digital glamour cover. The photos were captured by Marcelo Gross, makeup by Álvaro Prado, outfit by Claudia Boutique Wardrobe, and PR Agency were SGG Public Relations.

Reported by Time Trend Magazine, Content & Image Source: Ana Espínola & Glamour Magazine.

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