Five Crowned Winners of Miss Aura International 2022.

Five Crowned Winners of Miss Aura International 2022

Miss Aura International crowned 5 delegates this year. They are Miss Indonesia 2022, Miss Venezuela 2022, Miss Ukraine 2022, Miss Romania 2022 and Miss Bulgaria 2022. Also, they are the Top 5 & Top 10 delegates of Miss Aura International 2022. Miss Aura International 2022 was held on Saturday, 24th September 2022 in Antalya, Turkey. […]

Female DJs are doing movement in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi Felame DJs are doing a movement called #DJ_means_disc_jockey, they are using this tag on their social media posts. Some DJs are doing prostitution for their sound earning score and also some females doing prostitution using their DJ tag. Nowadays, this is the most critical situation in Bangladesh. Professional DJs are taking action on this […]

DJ Sonica speak about DJing with Prostitution.

“DJing with Prostitution” is a common topic people are discussing nowadays. Most of the female DJs are doing prostitution besides DJing! They are choosing prostitution as their second earning source. Why DJs are doing Prostitution? What is the reason behind this? Why they are choosing prostitution as a second earning source? Is it really true […]

Ana Espinola was featured by Hotgo.

Hotgo featured Ana Espinola on Thursday, 16th December 2021 at 12 AM on Playboy Tv. They featured four exclusive videos. She gets 500+- views in her videos in 12 hours. Hotgo and Ana Espinola announce their Instagram official page. Meet Ana Espinola and immerse yourself in an experience of pure pleasure. Exclusive only on HotgoTv. […]

Super Model Azim featuring in Cannes.

Bangladeshi super model Azimudulla will walk in the ramp for the British magazine Integrity’s Fashion Award Gala at the Cannes festival this year. He will be a feature on the cover of the magazine’s August issue too. Korean-American International Fashion Designer Grace Moon recently forwarded him the official invitation to attend the Cannes Film Festival. […]

Why does a model need Sugar Daddy!

On 28th January 2021, News G 24 organized an interview show. Which was hosted by Rayo. Maria Kispotta was the chief guest of this show. She is one of the leading models in Bangladesh. She was the 1st model who represented Bangladesh on the fashion platform. She is working in the modeling industry for around […]