Rockstar Mila and DJ Avila shared stage together on Mega Fest 2022.

Mila Islam and Dj Avila

BD 0608 Maga Fest 2022, Session 1 held on 2nd December 2022. SSC06 & HSC08 Students of Bangladesh organized this Mega Fest at CClub Resort, Purbachal, Dhaka. Bangladesh’s most popular female folk and pop singer Mila Islam and most popular female DJ Avila give live performances together at this fest. The organizer said to Time […]

DJ Avila Exclusive, why she wears short dresses in her show.

DJ Avila Exclusive, why she wears short dresses in her show.

DJ Avila wears short dresses in most of her shows but she wears traditional dresses too. Whether it’s a corporate show or a club, she always tries to present herself with style. Fans are appreciating her fashion sense. In fact, they try to follow her fashion. People love both her and her performance as a […]

Female DJs are doing movement in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi Felame DJs are doing a movement called #DJ_means_disc_jockey, they are using this tag on their social media posts. Some DJs are doing prostitution for their sound earning score and also some females doing prostitution using their DJ tag. Nowadays, this is the most critical situation in Bangladesh. Professional DJs are taking action on this […]

DJ Sonica speak about DJing with Prostitution.

“DJing with Prostitution” is a common topic people are discussing nowadays. Most of the female DJs are doing prostitution besides DJing! They are choosing prostitution as their second earning source. Why DJs are doing Prostitution? What is the reason behind this? Why they are choosing prostitution as a second earning source? Is it really true […]